About Tender Essence

Tender Essence was founded on the belief that consumers should be empowered to make their own choices about the ingredients they put on their skin. We want to teach you about cosmetics and give you back the power by showing you how to create your own products using safe and natural ingredients.

That’s why we offer you only the best pure essential oils and natural ingredients. To help you create cosmetics that are good for you and good for the planet. Making your own rather than buying from shops can save so much unnecessary plastic packaging every year! Plus, it’s a great way to reuse old jar or bottles you may have laying around. Homemade treats are perfect for gifting to family and friends. You can personalise with their favourite scents for that special, unique touch.

Why essential oils?

At Tender Essence, we love essential oils because they can provide a little bubble of peace in an otherwise hectic day. Distilled from plant materials (like flowers, bark, or fruits) these natural aromatic compounds allow you to introduce aromatherapy into your life. The distillation process draws out more than just scent – essential oils retain most of the natural properties and health benefits of the plant, too! It’s the reason lavender oil makes you sleepy, and why grapefruit oil can give you an energy boost. Essential oils can be used in so many ways, to enhance your mood and help you achieve emotional wellbeing.

They’re also great for combining with other products. Essential oils have to be diluted before applying to the body, which creates lots of opportunities for mixing cosmetics. You can add a few drops to your body butter or lotion. Mix with a carrier oil to create a scented massage oil. Add them to your hair conditioner, or even use them to craft soaps and candles! We’ve got so many ideas on our blog and in our book, Bright and Beautiful – Making Your Own Natural Cosmetics.

We hope that we’ve inspired you! If you’re new to this, welcome. Browse the website, check out the blog, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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