Using Aroma Diffusers with Essential Oils

aroma diffuserScent is a massively powerful thing. One second you’re smelling lavender essential oil and the next moment you’re transported into the garden of your childhood home and have a smile on your face for the rest of the day. As much as we would love to think it’s magic, scientists have shown that 75% of our emotions can be triggered by scent due to its relation to memory and pleasure. It is the most sensitive of the senses, after all.

Here at Tender Essence we know all about the amazing benefits that different scents can make in your life. aroma diffuser for tender essence essential oilsWe’ve seen first hand all of the positive changes that occur when people learn to use essential oils for aromatherapy purposes. Whether you’re looking for a sense of a calm after a busy day at work, some confidence before you get your day started or a bit of emotional stability amid the madness that is life, essential oils have got your back. This is why we decided to give you the chance to bring the power of aromatherapy into your home by introducing you to aroma diffusers, similar to oil burners these wonderful electronic devices can disperse aroma into your room, throughout the day. View our latest aroma diffuser to buy here

You’ve probably seen reed diffusers before. Well, this is like their older sibling, who’s that little bit stronger and that little bit cooler. Not only will it make your room smell like absolute heaven, but most have a soft light function to allow you to bring even more of that spa-like atmosphere into your everyday life. Diffuser with Essential Oils Now you can have the wonder of scent and the wonder of light by your side, with such gentle illumination being linked to keeping your emotions steady and your outlook calm. Plus, an aroma diffuser really does put the power in your hands, allowing you to decide how often you want to change the scent and for how long you want it to be diffusing.

Stock up on some of your favourite oils or use our aromatherapy map to help you decide how our latest aroma diffuser could best benefit you. Have fun mixing scents and don’t forget to send us a picture of your new diffuser in action on Twitter @tender_essence!

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