Candle Making Utensils and Ingredients

Candles have become a big part of the home. You can light them around the bath to relax, in the living room for that cosy atmosphere, or on the dining table to set the mood. The only thing that could make it better is knowing that you made those candles yourself. 

The thought may seem daunting, but we have everything you need to start creating your own perfect candles. The packaging, tools and ingredients can all be found in the new Candle Making section of our website. If you need some help getting started we have a Making Candles blog article that will tell you everything you need to know.

We’ve got a great range of items available, including: container wax, pillar wax, pre-waxed wicks, braided wicks (not waxed), wick clips, sustainers and even pliers.

Candle wax in a scoopOur container wax is ideal for using in a metal tin, glass jar, deep bowl, or anything else you might have that’s suitable for holding hot wax. You'll usually find something in the recycling bin (i.e. a pasta sauce jar).

Pillar wax is harder than container, making it ideal to create moulded candles and votives, as well as wax tarts and melts.

Candle wick holderPre-waxed wicks are an easier option to use, since they are already coated with paraffin and come with metal sustainers, so you can use them straight away. There aren’t any soy version of these available, so if you want a pure soy candle then our traditional plain cotton braided wicks are more for you. They can be cut to any size, dipped in wax, and will thread through the sustainers we also sell. 

Finally, you'll need something to hold your wick in place while you're pouring the wax. We have some great clips that can be placed on a range of containers and are even re-useable.

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