Choosing The Best Packaging

We love all things natural, but when making cosmetics you need to think about the packaging. Luckily, we've done the hard work for you.

When picking our packaging we take a lot into consideration, including environmental factors, postage, pricing, and whether it will be suitable for holding cosmetics.

Here at Tender Essence we care about the planet and the environment. We're proud to say that all of our packaging is recyclable and green.

As well as being ethical, it’s also reliable. We've done all the research to find the most reliable packaging for you. Everything is strong, easy to post and safe for most cosmetics you could wish to make.

Arrangement of all the packaging available at tender essenceOur packaging is sold in low volumes and at a great value. Unlike other companies who have MOQ (minimum order quantities) and require you to buy a large quantity, even if you only need one bottle. Tender Essence sells in small batches that are more realistic to a person's needs. However, you still get great wholesale prices.

Our 18mm dropper caps are ideal for our essential oils. As we recommend that you should dilute your oils, these caps allow them to be dispensed from the bottle in small 'drop' quantities, like we refer to in our blog recipes.

The pipettes are also a helpful tool to use, especially if you're wanting to mix any of the oils together and blend scents.

Our 50ml large letter bottles can be used for sending mixed cosmetics via Royal Mail's large letter post, lowering postage costs to 70p rather than the price for a parcel at £2.70.

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