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clay mask in a love heat pot

Clay and Tea Tree Face Mask Recipe - Deep Clean and Detox Your Skin

Face masks are a great way to draw out impurities and should be a staple in every skincare routine. With its mix of Aztec healing clay and apple cider vinegar, this tightening mask is the ultimate facial detox. The addition of tea tree oil makes it even better at keeping spots at bay.

We recommend using the mask once or twice a week to keep you blemish free and glowing. Be sure to use non-metallic utensils when making the mask. Contact with metal causes the clay to lose its negative charge, stopping it from drawing out impurities effectively.

clay mask in a white love hear dish

Ingredients: Equipment:
  • non-metallic spoon 
  • glass bowl


  1. Put the clay into your bowl before adding the witch hazel and stir until it is smooth. The mixture will fizz at first - this is nothing to worry about. 
  2. Mix in the tea tree oil until all three ingredients are combined. 
  3. Using your fingers, apply the mask to cleansed skin and leave it on until completely dry. 
  4. Rinse the mask off with warm water. Your skin may flush slightly as the mask draws blood to the surface. Use immediately as this product will set.

Helpful Hint: This mask can also be used to combat back or chest acne.

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