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We're Open & Sending Orders Out Daily
Help Save the Bees with Wildflower Seeds

Help Save the Bees with Wildflower Seeds

Bees are beautiful creatures that do amazing work. They are the world's most important pollinator for food crops and are feeding 90% of the world. By reaching billions of plants each year, they have a key role to play in our lives. Without bees pollinating these plants to allow them to grow, the food we eat would eventually run out.

Scoop of British wildflower seedsBees are not only an important source for humans - wild animals also rely on them. As well as farm grown fruit and vegetables, they pollinate many wild plants too, which are vital for animals to feed from.

Tragically, the bee population is in decline, due to a range of environmental issues including loss of biodiversity, destruction of habitat and the lack of foraging opportunities for wildlife.

As you can see, bees have a significant role within the life cycle of both humans and other animals. This is where you can do your part in helping bees survive.

Wildflower seeds make a wonderful addition to your garden. If you love having the gorgeous natural scents of essential oils in your home, then you will enjoy having wildflower seeds in your garden. The flowers are colourful, natural and smell fantastic.

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Adding wildflower seeds to your garden will have a superb impact on the environment, as the flowers are an excellent food source for creatures. They provide habitats for a range of animals and pollinating insects including honey bees, butterflies and moths. In addition to the flowers being great for the animals and the environment, they are also brilliant for keeping your soil healthy and encouraging high biodiversity. Not only will they make a your garden look amazing, they can work wonders for the stuff beneath the surface too, ensuring you have a well kept garden just in time for the warmer months.

Tender Essence have recently introduced wildflower seeds. If you are feeling inspired to help the bees, or just fancy adding a little colour to your garden, then they are available to buy here.


Our wildflower seeds are a 50/50 mix. Find more information about what's in our mix and how it should be used here.
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