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Bergamot essential oil in a home

The Oils That Will Sell Your Home

When entering a room, the smell is the first thing you pick up on. Our sense of smell is one of five senses and while many think that smell is not as important as others, you can pick up scents without even realising. Therefore the smell of your house is very important to how yourself and others see it, since showing off your home is all about first impressions. When buyers are entering your house they will immediately pick up on the aroma, and if this is unpleasant they will already have a negative impression. When choosing a home, buyers look into the lifestyle - if it smells good they will want to buy, as they have a positive impression associated with your house.

Lime essential oil being used in a vacuumYou might have become immune to the smell of your home. It could be the washing powder you use, that garlic bread from last night's meal, a dirty door mat or even Bob the dog. If you're selling your house or having your friends round, what better excuse is there to make the place smell fresh? This is when you realise that this 'you' fragrance is likely the thing that's putting off any potential home buyers. It could even be the 'hidden reason' why people aren't buying or offering the asking price. So why not freshen up your home with the amazing scent of an essential oil?

Best essential oils for your home

These two top smells will brighten up any room with their light and refreshing scents:
Bergamot essential oil is the perfect fragrance to reinvent your home. This invigorating scent will help brighten any room, thanks to its fresh smell. It will definitely get rid of any unfriendly odours that are lingering around.

Bergamot is a crisp, uplifting relaxant, which helps to reduce nerves, anxiety and stress, so you can take the lid off and leave the bottle in a room to create a soothing atmosphere. Essential oils are a volatile liquid, which means that no heat is needed for it to release a scent - all you need to do is remove the lid, sit back and enjoy. Yes, it's as easy as that.

Lime Essential Oil
Lime Essential Oil
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Lime essential oil is another refreshing fragrance that can uplift any room, thanks to its energising scent. Lime is good for giving that 'new' smell you want when showing off your home. It's an antibacterial, so why not try adding a few drops to your vacuum to bring the life back to your carpets? For those of you who have any furry little animals running around, you'll know that they can often bring in bad odours and micro-pests. Well, lime is great for killing those, as well as any dust mites you might have lurking around. This little trick will have those carpets smelling brand new in no time! So, adding a few drops to your vacuum bag or dust compartment will not only help refresh your home, but will also make it a dirt free zone, ready for all those potential buyers.


Are essential oils better than an air freshener?

Air fresheners are full of potentially harmful chemicals that make up artificial fragrances. Whereas buying essential oils means you are losing the dangerous chemicals and gaining a natural scent. In a recent study done by the NHS has shown that using air fresheners increases the risk of asthma in adults.

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