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Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

Introducing Bethany and our improved blog

Here at Tender Essence we know that using essential oils is a really personal thing. The scents you love, how you incorporate them into your daily life and the way that they influence your mood are all reflections of you as a person. That’s why we decided to start talking to you more, via our re-vamped and more informative blog posts.

If you want to learn how to use essential oils to improve your everyday life and boost happiness levels, you’re in the right place. Watch this space for ideas on how to make your own cosmetics and amazing DIY's (do it yourself) that will help change your mood and leave you feeling your best.

Making your own cosmetics with BethanyWe’d also like to introduce you to our new blogger, Bethany:
Bethany is a 20-year-old part-time literature student, part-time blogger (with popular blog Curly and Wordy) and full time optimist from London. She’s a holistic living enthusiast who is constantly seeking to find joy in the small things. There’s little she loves more than a pamper session, which is what makes her so perfect for sharing DIYs that will bring a little bit of luxury into your everyday. She’s also discovered just how wonderful essential oils are and won’t stop until everyone knows the power that they have! Her favourites are lavender, tea tree and patchouli. In fact, it’s rare that you’ll find her without one of these nearby.

Bethany and the rest of the staff at Tender Essence are excited to share all our secrets with you. Learn how to make your own cosmetics and stay updated by subscribing to our newsletter or clicking like on our Facebook page for the latest updates on articles.

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