Ethical & Environmental Policy

Tender Essence thinks ethically about our products and the impact we have on the environment. All our staff take part in environmental campaigns in their spare time and so naturally bring 'green thoughts' into the Tender Essence workplace.

Here are some of the ethical things we do:
Tender Essence premises:
- are powered by green electricity (wind and solar)
- use only LED lighting
- are well insulated and needs no heating during summer months.
Lavender green environmentally friendly

Tender Essence oils and products:
- are PETA approved as cruelty free and Vegan.
- are not animal derived at all.
- are sourced from suppliers that are also checked to be cruelty free and vegan.
- doesn't sell essential oils which have any serious side effects.
- doesn't sell essential oils that are often adulterated, as these same oils are expensive and cause major extinction events and deforestation (i.e. Sandlewood, Neroli and Rose)
- We stick to the safest and most popular oils.
- This limits our range to 26 essential oils, but these still offer our customers 230,000 possibly blending combinations. 
- By keeping our oils down to 26 we can pick sustainable oils and choose who we get supplies from. As such, we can easily change our suppliers based on quality, weather, ethics and reputation of the supply line.

Our packaging:
- All our bottles are PET1 pharmaceutical safe plastic, specially designed in Austria for use with essential oils.
- the plastic is the easiest in the world to recycle and can be recycled in every area of the country in your green household waste.
- we don’t use glass bottles that destroy the environment and cause major mining destruction across the world.
- All our labels are the same plastic and so are the lids, just drop the entire bottle into your recycling. Just like a milk carton.
- the plastic used for our bottles is toughened and especially designed for essential oils.

Tender Essence staff:
- are trained to reduce waste and electricity
- walk, cycle or car share to work.

- All paper is recycled or FSC (forestry stewardship council approved).
- We avoid printing as much as possible. All printer settings are eco.
- We use thermal labels rather than ink, for your address labels.

We hope that sharing this information with you will give you confidence in Tender Essence and the products you buy from us.
We also wanted to state that it’s not hard to help the planet and can't see why other companies don’t do the same. We hope that this list inspires a few businesses, even our rivals to become more ethical and environmentally friendly.
Thank you.

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