Why We Don't Sell That!

Rather than direct customers to an empty search or an error page, we have created a list of items that are searched for and why we don't sell them, mostly for safety or ethical reasons.

 Item: Reason why we don't sell it:
Melt & Pour Soap - Shea Butter, Honey, African Made from animal ingredients and therefore not vegan. We do sell a vegan option.
Sandalwood, Rose, Vanilla & Neroli Essential Oils Harvested to extinction in most places around the world.
Nutmeg, Wintergreen, Wormwood If they are accidentally consumed, even in small amounts, they could kill you. 
Rose  It's difficult to get a reliable supplier, as well as being unethical and expensive.
Myrrh It is thick and difficult to work with.
Clove Essential Oil Often used in the mouth, which when undiluted can be highly dangerous. Please visit your dentist for a professionally made product.
Basil & Nutmeg Essential Oil Causes psychological issues and headaches.

Toxic information sheet about essential oils.Despite not selling these essential oils for safety, ethical and environmental reasons, we do sell a range of 26 essential oils. When these 26 oils are mixed in different combinations they can provide 7000 outcomes, and we hope you feel that this offers enough options. The oils we do sell allow you to remain safe whilst using them at home.

We do not use any essential oils that are derived from animals. If you take a look at one of our other articles, you will see that all the ingredients used are not derived from or tested on animals. We are PETA approved as Vegan and Cruelty Free.

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