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Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
Children's small hands playing in mud

Don't Use Essential Oils on Children

When our children are young we need to protect them, as they are dependent on us - especially in the first few years of their lives. They rely on us to feed them, change them and show them the difference between right and wrong.

Our children bring many things to our lives such as love, joy and a lot of mess, like when they decide to trail the muddy garden though the house or spill drinks on the kitchen floor.

As parents we will always go the extra mile to make sure our children are safe, whether by covering them in suncream or just holding their hand extra tight when crossing the street. We like to do things to keep them safe. This includes not using chemical cosmetics on them.

Children playing curiously with toysYour children are still growing and their immune systems are developing, which means they are more vulnerable to chemicals. Therefore it is especially important to keep them away from children's sensitive skin.

Essential oils can also be harmful to children. They might be natural, but that doesn't make them safer than other ingredients - especially since some of the chemicals contained are classed as hormone disruptors. Phytoestrogen is a chemical found in some essential oils which can mimic the body's own hormones, causing health issues.

One practice that uses essential oils is aromatherapy. This is an excellent way to relax and reduce stress, since it has a strong psychological impact on the body and mind. This is a great technique for adults, however children are still growing and we shouldn't use oils to affect their developing minds.

Children will try to put anything in their mouths - these little brightly coloured bottles could be seen as food, so it's important to keep them out of their reach.

Essential oils have many positive uses, but this doesn't mean they can't also be harmful. We recommend always keeping them away from children.

Applying essential oils to the skin without diluting them first is not recommended for anyone because they are highly concentrated and can cause redness and irritation.

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