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Wicks for Candle Making 15cm x 10


10 x Pre-Waxed Wicks with Metal Sustainers
Perfect for candle making. They are 15cm long and so can be used for a range of candle sizes, just cut to whatever size you require. 

These candle wicks are very easy to use. The sustainer is a small metal disc which allows the wick to be glued in place. This makes it easier when making candles as the wick doesn't float around in the wax. 
To stick your wick you will need either a small piece of 'wax glue' or you can use a small amount of melted wax. Once stuck in place you need to keep your wick upright and centred. To do this you use a 'wick holder' which can be made using cocktail sticks fastened together at each end with small rubber bands. Some people prefer a clothes peg. That pinches the wick between the sticks, allowing it to be pulled taught and centred by simply resting the wick holder over the top of your mould. Make sure you allow an extra 2.5cm of wick when you cut it to make sure there is enough excess at the top. Once this is done, you can pour the wax into your mould or container and leave to set. 
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Safety Information
For external use only, never consume. Avoid eye contact. Not to be used by children or near animals. Take care when melting and pouring as the liquid wax is very hot and can burn the skin. 



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