All 26 Essential Oils Set Kit


All 26 essential oils in a single set. A superb aromatherapy kit. All essential oils are 100% pure and come in 10ml plastic bottles. 
Now includes the 2 Absolute oils and Chamomile.

Here is a list of the essential oils in this full aromatherapy set:

1. Bergamot : Uplifting & Refreshing. Euphoric. Citrus aroma with balsamic undertone.
2. Blue Lotus (Absolute at 10 percent dilution in Sweet Almond Oil) : Sensual aphrodisiac, euphoric. Floral notes with silky base notes.
3. Cajuput (Cajaput/Cajeput) : A pungent turpentine & camphor odor, with a slightly herbaceous aroma. Good decongestant.
4. Cedarwood (Himalayan) : Stimulating. Refreshing. Tonic effect. Woody smell.
5. Chamomile (Roman) : Calming. Floral apple notes with herbaceous base notes.
6. Cinnamon : Stimulating. Great for oil burners. Use sparingly. Strong Aroma. Do not use in skin products, can cause sensitivity. Spicy & fiery with oriental aroma's.
7. Citronella : Relaxant. Good for helping with rheumatic pain. Lemony citrus aroma.
8. Clary Sage : Aphrodisiac, Calming, Antiseptic. Sweet nutty & sweet woody fragrance.
9. Eucalyptus : Antiseptic. Stimulating smell, Clearing.
10. Frankincense : Steam distilled Frankincense. Sweet & warming with a balsamic base note & slightly musky aroma. Used to stimulate the mind & providing comfort.
11. Geranium (Egyptian): An earthy floral scent, with slight herbaceous minty undertones. Steam distilled in Egypt.
12. Grapefruit : A citrus aroma similar to the fruit. Uplifting & refreshing.
13. Jasmine (Absolute at 10 percent dilution in Sweet Almond Oil) : Sensual, aphrodisiac, moody & dark. Floral exotic aroma with dark notes.
14. Juniper Berry : An evergreen shrub with berries. Multiple notes of turpentine, pepper & balsamic undertones. Refreshing smellCan be used to help hormonal issues or stimulate menstruation or to relieve emotional symptoms of the menopause. Acts as an emmenagogue so be careful using around pregnant women.
15. Lavender (French) : Antiseptic, stimulating while relaxing. 5 drops in the bath to aid with relaxation.
16. Lemon : Invigorating, diuretic, deodorising. Lemon citrus smell. Cold pressed.
17. Lemongrass : Invigorating & antibacterial. Warm lemon grassy smell.
18. Lime : Good stimulant & antiviral. Sharp bitter citrus peel aroma. Slightly warming. Steam distilled.
19. Orange (Sweet) : Refreshes & stimulates. Sweet orange. Great for oil burners.
20. Patchouli : Anti-inflammatory, sedates, aphrodisiac. Strong earthy smell. Often used as a base note in perfume & products. Patchouli is thick & will take time to drip from the bottle.
21. Peppermint (piperita) : Refreshing & soothing. Good for hangovers. Menthol smell that stimulates the mind. Great oil for an oil burner.
22. Petitgrain (Mandarin) : Balsamic, herbaceous, green and floral. A cost effective alternative to Neroli. Use sparingly in blends as a base note to replace Neroli. 
23. Rose Geranium : Balancing & floral. More floral than just Geranium, too sweet to smell from the bottle. Needs diluting into a blend to appreciate the floral notes. Use sparingly. Good for hormonal issues. 
24. Rosemary : Cleansing, invigorating, stimulating. Green woody aroma with a menthol undertone & a tint of burnt bark.
25. Tea Tree (Ti Tree) : Antiseptic. Fights bacteria, fungi & virus. Medicinal but refreshing smell. Good for helping with acne and fighting feet & toe fungal infections. One of the most useful of all essential oils & a great addition to any first aid kit.
26. Ylang Ylang : Confidence. Exotic and oriental floral notes. Used in perfumes. Use sparingly.

Suggested Usage:
If you intend to prepare a massage oil, then dilute the essential oil in a carrier oil (i.e. Sweet Almond or Grapeseed). Don't use essential oils neat on your skin. Start with less & increase essential oil until you have desired strength. Alternatively, use only 4 drops of each oil on a tissue, in the bath or dripped onto a radiator or sink. The oils will evaporate naturally & so you can also remove the cap to diffuse the fragrance into a room.
For external use only, avoid contact with eyes. Do not use on children, or when pregnant or while using medication. An essential oil should not be used instead of seeing a doctor for medical advice. Never self prescribe & if in doubt please ask your doctor. Do not use on sensitive skin & always do a small test of the oil before use. If an allergic reaction occurs, wash off the oil with soap & water, then seek medical attention.
PET plastic amber bottles designed for pharmaceutical use and healthcare environments. Impact resistant & can be dropped without smashing. Lighter than glass & contain 10ml liquid. Can be recycled.
A dropper cap is inside the bottle for easy usage, this can be removed if you need the oil to drip quicker.
Use by:
Usually within 12 months of purchase. Some will last longer & some scents mature with age.
You can read our beginners guide to essential oils here on our blog.

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