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Wick Holders for Candle Making


Very useful metal clips to hold your wick in place whilst making candles. A necessary tool for all candle makers to make the DIY process much quicker and easier. These clips are much sturdier than other wick holders on the market with a serrated edge to keep the wick secure and centred.

- Cut a length of wick slightly longer than the depth of the container/mould. You can trim it later.
- Hang the wick inside so that it touches the bottom and secure the other end in the clip
- Lay the clip across the container
- Fill it with wax and leave it to set
- Once you remove the wick clip at the end, your wick will be in the correct place and will have stayed straight allowing an even burn.

The clips are roughly 9.5cm in length therefore can be used in this many size containers or add extra wood pieces for a larger container. As they are made of metal they are extremely durable and can be used again and again.
The width of the clips allows you to secure any size wick as required and can be used for both container and pillar candles.
You will receive two candle wick holders.