Tender Essence essential oils UK

Hemp Seed Oil

Made from natural and unrefined organic Hemp Seed oil (cosmetic grade). Choose from a range of sizes.
Great for a natural massage. Only 100% pure organic unrefined Hemp Seed oil. Fantastic for moisturising the skin and protecting it from the elements. It also provides strengthening properties to hair. It works really well in home made facial, skin and body products. This unrefined oil has hemps distinctive green aroma. 
Just rub onto the skin with your hands or allow someone else to massage you. Experimentation is the key to learning. The sense of touch is a great bonding tool and can be very enjoyable. We hope you enjoy using the oils. 
Safe for topical use and sensitive skin. All oils are vegan safe and contains no petrochemical fragrances. Is made from what is defined as a nut so should be avoided by those who suffer from nut allergies. 
Choose sizes from:
10ml sample
50ml bottle
100ml (2 x 50ml bottles)
500ml bottle
1000ml / 1 litre bottle (2 x 500ml bottles, to save on price)
1500ml / 1.5 litre bottle (3 x 500ml bottles, to save on price)
Safety Guidelines:
All 1 litre bottles are sent as 2 x 500ml and 1.5 litre bottles are sent as 3 x 500ml bottles as this is easier to pack and post. 
Not for internal use or consumption. For topical use only. Not to be used on children, when pregnant or on any medication. Always ask your doctor first. Always do a small test first on your skin. Any allergic reactions and you should wash off with soap and water. 
Use all oil within 12 months of purchase. All oils are made fresh within the month.
Thanks and we are here if you have any questions.