Tender Essence essential oils UK

Plastic 50ml Bottle Large Letter Size


A crystal clear bottle which holds 50ml of liquid.

Suitable for use with carrier oils and some other cosmetic products. Also can be posted large letter.

They are clear PVC plastic bottles and include a dropper insert and white screw cap.

The bottle measures; 95mm in height, 35mm width and 20mm depth (under Royal Mails large letter width maximum) and weighs 9.3g.

The dropper insert measures 12mm in height and 15mm in width and weighs 0.5g. The cap measures 15mm in height and 17mm in width and weighs 1.6g.

These bottles can be recycled in most green household waste.  

Please check that the contents you intend to place in the packaging can be safely used with this packaging. The packaging comes from a cosmetically clean environment but it is not a food safe environment. Not for use with food. Please keep all small parts away from children. 

Tender Essence sells a range of packaging for making your own cosmetics, contact us for more info. Thanks