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Empty 30ml Glass Perfume Bottle


30ml Empty Glass Perfume Bottles with Atomiser

Excellent high quality perfume bottle with atomiser lid, perfect for storing handmade perfumes.

Clear round glass bottle with silver plastic lid 
Screw on atomiser spray lid with silver over cap
Tube length to fit bottle
High quality heavyweight glass
No contents included

    1 bottle = £6.50 (= £6.50)
    2 bottles = £7.95 (= £3.98 each) (Great Value)
    3 bottles = £10.95 (= £3.65 each)
    10 bottles = £29.95 (= £2.99 each)
    18 bottles = £47.00 (= £2.61 each)
    50 bottles = £119.00 (= £2.38 each)
    12cm height with lid
    7cm height without lid
    3cm diameter
    Weight - 93 grams
    18-415 cap

      These bottles can be recycled in most green household waste.

      Please check that the contents you intend to place in the packaging can be safely used with this packaging. The packaging comes from a cosmetically clean environment but it is not a food safe environment. Not for use with food. Please keep all small parts away from children.

      Tender Essence sells a range of packaging for making your own cosmetics, contact us for more info. Thanks.

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