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Spray Pen 5ml


5ml Spray Pen
This spray pen is excellent for storing your homemade perfume. The atomiser spray lid allows the liquid to be sprayed evenly. It’s convenient size is very handy for keeping in your handbag or as a travel size perfume.

Screw lid
Atomiser spray
Frosted plastic
9.5cm height
1.5cm Diameter
Can hold 5ml of liquid

These spray pens can be recycled in most green household waste. The frosted plastic allows you to just see the contents inside but still keep them UV protected.

Please check that the contents you intend to place in the packaging can be safely used with this packaging. The packaging comes from a cosmetically clean environment but it is not a food safe environment. Not for use with food. Please keep all small parts away from children.

Tender Essence sells a range of packaging for making your own cosmetics, contact us for more info. Thanks.