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Beard Oils x 4 with Gift Box. Great Men's Christmas Gift

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Wild Bear'd Oil. Gift Set in a Black Gift Box. 
A fantastic set of 4 x 50ml bottles. All different scents. Great gift for men.

Natural Beard Oil made with essential oils and cold pressed grapeseed oil. 
This set contains each of the following:
1. Cedarwood and Patchouli at 50ml (masculine scent)
2. Tea Tree and Lime at 50ml (fresh with antibacterial & antifungal properties)
3. Jasmine and Orange at 50ml (sensual and addictive)
4. Fragrance Free at 50ml (for those sensitive moments or just after trimming to remove the itchiness). 

Using all Natural Ingredients, only pure oil. Stop the fuzz, make your beard shiny, make it smell nice and condition it. Just use Wild Bear'd Oil. An all natural Beard oil.

Application: Just a few drops onto your hand and then rub it directly onto your beard (in a downwards motion) to style it and avoid the hobo look. "Less is more" when using the oil. If you wish to style a moustache then you'll need a little more and might find our fragrance free oil to be the better option for this. 

Smell fresh and not feminine with a Cedarwood sweet balsamic tone and a Patchouli's masculine base note. You wont need a cologne. Or use the Tea Tree and Lime Oil for it's anti bacterial properties. Or Jasmine for a sensual aroma. Don't have a beard? The oil can also moisturise your skin, for use after your shave. Cold pressed Grapeseed oil contains many vitamins and nutrients for the skin and hair. It's safe for all skin types. It's the least greasy of the cold pressed oils. Again, use less to start with and then apply more, rather than add to much to begin with. 

Safety: Not for consumption. For use as a topical application to your beard or skin. Safe for all skin types. Please do a small test before use, on a small area of your hand. Do not use on pets, children, while pregnant or taking medication. Keep out of reach of children.

Packaging: The oils come in a 50ml plastic bottle, designed to be used in spas and areas where glass can be dangerous. The bottle is impact resistant and can be taken on holiday. The bottle can be fully recycled. The label is oil resistant and wont smudge if oil drips down the bottle.

Company Information: We are sub brand of OilPure, a company that provides aromatherapy solutions and natural oil remedies to multiple businesses and health care companies. Our oils are for cosmetic use. Our MSDS and CofA sheets for the oils are available from our suppliers, on request. Thank you.

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