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Candle Wax - Soy Container 1kg


Fantastic wax for making candles to be placed in containers or for wax melts. Easy to use and is perfect for beginners. You can be creative by adding your own scents and colours or simply use plain and unscented. 

Types of Wax
This listing is for Container Wax which is a softer wax designed for use in a container of some form. You can use a metal tin, glass jar or deep bowl.
There is also Pillar Wax which is a hard wax which is suitable for making moulded candles, votives, wax tarts and wax melts. The Pillar Wax is available by clicking here.

Instructions For Use
Just melt the wax, using a double boil method or a microwave. It takes roughly 4-5 minutes to melt. Once melted, add colours/scents if required and mix well. Place a wick inside the container. Wicks can be purchased here. Pour into your desired mould or container and leave to set, preferably overnight. 

Safety Information
For external use only, never consume. Avoid eye contact and contact with animals and children. Take care when melting and pouring as the liquid wax is very hot and can burn the skin. 

Extra Detailed Information
Congealing point : 41.0°C  Melting point: 60.0°C
Max melting temp: 90.0°C   Flash point   : >150°C
The soy we supply is KeraSoy which is a 100% natural soy candle wax developed and manufactured in the UK by Kerax. It needs to be stored in a cool dry place and be protected from exposure to light.

Scoop in photo is for illustration purposes only.
Wax will be in bags so please take care when opening. 

Thank you and please share your creations with us. 

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