Candle Wicks (Braided Cotton)


A fantastic traditional plain braided wick for candle making. They have been specially produced in Britain by a company who have made candles for use in churches for many years.

The wicks are not pre waxed and can be used with any Soy wax. You can make both container and pillar candles using these wicks so they are very versatile.
We recommend that the following size candles can be made with these wicks:
Container candles - 1 to 4 inches in diameter
Pillar candles - 3 - 5 inches in diameter
This is the most versatile of wicks, there are many other sizes but this wick will work with the widest range of candle thicknesses.

The wicks are made of natural cotton which has been braided, it is important to remember that basic cotton thread cannot be used as a form of wick. The best wick you can use is a braided one as it is strong and provides a stable wick. You can also use a wick clip to hold your wick in place whilst making your candle, this makes the process much quicker and easier.
The wicks are supplied in 1 metre (100 cm) pieces which allows you to cut them to the size you require.