Brush Cap 18mm White Tamper Evident


Empty White Brush Cap 18mm, that fits 18/415 or 18/410 spouts of bottles.
Each individual cap at only 21p each.
Free UK postage on orders over £1 in the packaging section.

Each cap is:
- A White Brush cap with tamper seal.
- for use on 10ml aromatherapy bottles and other bottles with 18mm neck. Will fit neck of 18/415 or 18/410
- fits our 10ml bottles 
- Cap has a 20mm height by 20mm width.
- 60mm with the brush in height, but the brush goes into the bottle.
- The cap will automatically create the tamper seal when you screw the lid on
- the brush is already put into the lid, so is assembled.
- the cap is ridged, a small click or bump will be felt when screwing the cap onto this bottle for the first time.
- PET1 plastic cap. Food and pharmaceutical safe. Easiest to recycle.
- weight = 4 grams

When you combine this cap with the 10ml bottle it measures:
- 64mm Height by 22mm width (diameter).
- weighs 11 grams total