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Plastic 10ml Bottles & Dropper Cap


Empty Amber Plastic 10ml Bottles with Black Dropper Cap
Both items for 36p each. 
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Bottles are specially designed in Austria to be smash proof and to be used as a replacement for glass amber bottles. They allow us to safely post them and allow you to use them easily in spa’s, sauna’s, bathrooms and in healthcare environments. They are made from PET1 plastic which is safe for use with essential oils and carrier oils. These amber coloured empty plastic 10ml bottles, can be recycled in all household green bins.

Each Bottle is:
- A dark Amber Plastic Bottle
- can contain 10ml metric liquid but can overflow to 11ml.
- has a 18mm Neck (Closure type: GCMI 410)
- Height of 53mm and Diameter of 22mm
- PET1 plastic that can be recycled in most household recycling. Safest plastic available. Food safe.
- Can be dropped from 20 ft without smashing
- Impact resistant and much safer than glass
- THESE ARE NOT GLASS but much safer than glass for, posting and using in bathroom and spa environments.
- Don't need to be bubble wrapped in the post.
- Safe for use with all Essential Oils and Carrier oils.
- Food and Pharmaceutical safe plastic (same plastic used for microwave food, drink bottles, etc).
- The amber bottle is see through but darker than glass versions. A good spot light is useful for filling these bottles.
- weight = 8 grams

Black Tamper Evident Dropper Cap
- is for use on the 10ml bottles and other bottles with 18mm neck
- Cap has a 20mm height by 20mm width
- The cap will automatically create the tamper seal when you screw the lid on
- the dropper insert is already inside the lid and will also insert the dropper automatically, when you first screw it onto the bottle.
- the dropper is a small hole and capable of dispensing most essential oils in 1 drip quantities.
- the dropper will take longer to dispense carrier oils or thick oils like Patchouli.
- the cap is ridged, a small click or bump will be felt when screwing the cap onto this bottle for the first time.
- PET1 plastic cap. Food and pharmaceutical safe. Easiest to recycle.
- weight = 3 grams

When combined with the caps they are:
- 64mm Height by 22mm width (diameter).
- weighs 11 grams.