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Grapeseed Oil 50ml

Grapeseed Carrier Oil 50ml
Grapeseed Oil is a little lighter than Sweet Almond Oil. It also absorbs into the skin quicker. So if you're making a hair or beard oil, this is a better carrier oil base. It has a slightly dark green tint.
It’s less greasy than other carrier oils but that means less lubrication. If your looking to absorb the oil into the pours or for moisturising, then use this oil. Choose Sweet Almond oil for massage and this for making your own cosmetic products. 
Grapeseed Oil PlantUsage suggestion:
Use the carrier oils with or without essential oils. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to this carrier oil to make a massage oil. Remember you only need a few drop of essential oil in the top of the 50ml carrier oil. Start with 1% essential oil to 99% carrier and increase essential oil until you have desired aroma strength. Do not use massage oils when pregnant, on children or animals, despite what some advocate. If you are unsure then ask us. 
All carrier oils have a slight aroma but Grapeseed oil has one of the lightest aromas.
For external use only, avoid contact with eyes. Do not use on children, or when pregnant or while using medication. An essential oil should not be used instead of seeing a doctor for medical advice. Never self prescribe and if in doubt please ask your doctor. Always do a small test of the oil before use. If an allergic reaction occurs, wash off the oil with soap and water and then seek medical attention.
Contents of each bottle:
We now use new recyclable PET plastic amber bottles that will avoid glass been sent in the post. These bottles are designed for pharmaceutical use, impact resistant and can be dropped without smashing, perfect for bathrooms, spa and health environments.
A dropper cap is inside the bottle for easy usage, this can be removed if you need the oil to drip quicker. 
Use by:
We suggest using your oil within 12 months of purchase. Some will last longer and some scents mature with age.
Contact us through our website with further questions. Visit the Tender Essence blog herewhich has further information on blending essential oils to make your own DIY cosmetics. There are videos to watch on how to make soap, natural perfume and other great gift and cosmetic ideas. Thank you.