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Unfragranced Incense Cones x 15


15 Unfragranced Incense Cones
These fantastic non-fragranced incense cones are a natural brown tone and measure 1".
You can use these raw incense cones with your favourite essential oils to make your own fragrances to suit your home, to do this see the DIY instructions further down.
You get 15 cones per order.
For example; you can make a calming room environment by adding Lavender or Chamomile to these incense cones.
Incense cones fragranced with essential oils are great way to have a naturally beautiful scented home and are safer than using incense sticks as they are smaller and are less likely to fall over or drop ash or residue. Please do take care, place in a suitable holder and avoid leaving these around children and pets.

To scent these please follow these instructions:

10ml Essential oil of your choice (e.g. lavender, cedarwood, cinnamon, lemongrass)
25ml Polypropylene glycol
15 non fragranced incense cones

First choose an essential oil and mix 10ml of essential oil with 25ml of polypropylene glycol in a jug, this should be enough to fragrance around 15 incense cones.
Pour your fragrance mixture into a bowl or jar and then add the unscented incense cones, ensuring the mixture fully covers the cones. Leave to soak for 24 hours to absorb the fragrance completely.
After 24 hours, lay the incense cones on a cooling rack with a tray underneath to drip dry. Then leave to dry naturally for 48 hours.
Check the incense cones are fully dry before burning them. They should burn for around 45 minutes.
Any leftover fragrance mixture can be stored in a bottle or jar and reused to soak more incense cones.