Wholesale Essential Oils

Wholesale Essential Oils:
Tender Essence Essential oils can be purchased at wholesale prices with a low minimum order value.

We provide Tender Essence essential oils in glass bottles for shops, spas, market stalls and therapists. The bottles are pharmaceutical safe and made from green natural glass. The oils are 100% pure and we are one of the only suppliers in the UK that use multiple sources for our oils, so we can adapt our supply chain based on quality of the oil. Here are some frequently asked questions about buying our oils:

Where can essential oils be sold?
Essential oils can be sold in shops, at craft fairs, market stalls, product theme nights and as an extra item after having therapy treatments.

How much can essential oils earn?
We have calculated the average sales for a small shop and market stall; which should expect a turnover increase of £4380 per year and earn a profit of £2190. This could be more if you have a larger high street shop which can command a slightly higher RRP.

How do I register for Wholesale Pricing?
Fill in the form at the bottom of this page and we'll get you setup with your own wholesale account within 24 hours (mon-fri). 

What are your wholesale essential oil prices?
Wholesale prices are offered at up to 50% off retail prices.

How much does postage cost?
UK customers: Postage is charged at cost price and will be sent via DPD courier.
International customers: Please choose Tracked Airmail on checkout. This is charged based on weight. It's exactly what we get charged, we make no money from postage.

How do I order wholesale essential oils?
One we've setup your wholesale account you'll be able to login to your wholesale account and view prices and order as usual, we also have a handy list page so you can add all the products you require on one page, making the process much faster.

What is your minimum order quantity?
Only £75 minimum order (a much lower MOQ price than most retailers).

What should I charge and what markup can I add?
We recommend setting prices at least double the wholesale price, allowing 100% markup on all our bottles.
This would provide a price that matches our online prices. Some popular high street shops triple the price, so there is potential to increase the markup and your profit further, depending on your customer demographic and location on the high street.

What further information can I give to customers?
You'll be provided with instruction leaflets for every bottle you have and can give these to customers. Please let us know if you don't need these.

Are the products insured?
Tender Essence wholesale essential oils are insured for product liability. You must include the information leaflet in the sale as the usage information will protect you and us from prosecution should an unfortunate incident occur (i.e. someone decides to go against advice on the leaflet).

What are the benefits of glass bottles?
Glass is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bottles, that can be recycled over and over again. These bottles are designed for pharmaceutical use and are impact resistant (though care should be taken with glass on hard surfaces). The bottles we use are made with green natural glass and are not sprayed.

Do you provide a display stand and testers?
We will provide a stand, on request.
Please order an extra bottle if you wish to have testers (see question below on benefits).

Why offer testers to customers?
We encourage testing of the oils as having them 'behind the counter' causes a reduction in sales, due to the inability to smell them. We've found that not providing testers only encourages customers to open the bottles anyway. Having testers creates an attractive point of sale and a focal point for your stall or retail shop.

Should I order all the range for my shop?
A craft shop might order Lavender, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus and find these popular oils the best for their shop.
However, a small shop that orders all the bottles will develop a local reputation for stocking essential oils and having enough of a range to cover all aromatherapy situations. You might also want to add ‘essential oils’ to your business listing on Google Maps - hobbyists are always looking for local suppliers.

Will essential oils work for my shop?
The aroma and interaction provided by having essential oils in your shop will help retain customers and increase engagement. This will have a positive influence on your shop and the sales of other products.

Can I sell online?
Yes, you can and will find an increase in sales by selling the essential oils on your website. Our glass bottles fit large letter in a brown padded envelope, they can be posted at economical large letter rates. We grant you rights to sell the oils at any location and on your 'own' website and Facebook page, but not any other site (i.e. Amazon, Etsy or eBay). You are not allowed to establish sub wholesale contracts with our products. Please contact us if you know of someone wanting a large stock of oils, or you know of a contract available. We will pay you a good commission for any successful leads.

Can you supply the bottles without labels?
Yes, we can. All products we offer at wholesale rates can be found once you are a setup with a wholesale account. You will need oil proof labels printing as Eucalyptus and some other oils can make the ink on unprotected labels run. We can discuss labelling with you. Please specify that you don’t need labels in an email to us. You must order in multiples of 20 of each oil. As they will be made specially and will be boxed into sets of 20 with the label on the box so you can identify each oil. If you want us to create your own oil proof labels then we can print them at a small additional charge.

Refund Policy:
You can return any item to us, unopened and within 15 days, for whatever reason, for a full refund of the item. Please contact us if you need to return something and we can arrange the return.

How do I order?
Follow the link at the bottom of this page where you will be able to sign up. 

I have more questions.
Then please email or call us on 0330 133 1501 (International: +44 3301331501) and we will discuss things further.

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