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We're Open & Sending Orders Out Daily
We're Open & Sending Orders Out Daily
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Make your own, at home...

  • Orange and Patchouli Reed Diffuser

    Orange and Patchouli Reed Diffuser

    Everyone likes to make a cosy, inviting space in there home and with this reed diffuser you can do just that. This all natural diffuser is a great alternative to the conventional air fresheners we all use to freshen things up.
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  • cleaning spray in a atomiser bottle with gackground

    All-Purpose Cleaning Spray

    This cleaning spray is fantastic as it makes cleaning even easier as its all in one it can be used for all surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen. The properties of the spray make it an excellent disinfectant and will leave a fresh smelling scent. 
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  • Blue lotus absolute rooms spray

    Blue Lotus Absolute Room Spray

    Absolutes, much like essential oils, are extracted from plants to leave us with an aromatic liquid. However, there is a lengthy and complex process to extracting absolutes that means they have longevity and a stronger scent. Although they are more...

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