Making your own cosmetics

Blue lotus absolute rooms spray

Blue Lotus Absolute Room Spray

Absolutes, much like essential oils, are extracted from plants to leave us with an aromatic liquid. However, there is a lengthy and complex process to extracting absolutes that means they have longevity and a stronger scent. Although they are more...

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floral deodorant in a blue jar

Floral Deodorant

Deodorant is an everyday staple that is included in everyone's routine, however many don't know what really goes into our deodorants. This is a natural alternative that will keep you feeling fresh all day.
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Citrus and green tea scrub in a jar

Citrus and Green Tea Body Scrub

Have a look at our all-natural body scrub, a fantastic shower essential that should be included in everyone's routine. The essential oils were carefully picked to ensure a fresh smell but also so it works as a great all body scrub.
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scalp scrub made with essential oils in a blue jar

Growth Stimulating Scalp Scrub

In this article we share with you our easy recipe for creating your own scalp scrub. Whether you're looking to grow longer hair, or just rid yourself of dry and flaky skin, this scrub is exactly what you need. Your hair will thank us. 

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Detoxifying foot soak in a jar

Detoxifying Foot Soak

It's easy to forget about our feet sometimes, but they need a little bit of TLC too. With our foot soak your feet will never feel rejected again. It will rejuvenate your feet and have them feeling fresh and pain free after a long day.
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Shampoo in a jar with rosemary plant surrounding it

Rosemary and Cedarwood Shampoo

Shampoo has become an item that we just pick up off the shop shelf without even thinking about what's in it. By creating your own shampoo you can reduce the amount of chemicals that will strip away your hair's natural oils. This all-natural homemade shampoo will have your hair feeling better than ever.
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Heart shaped shower jelly on a wooden board

Wake Me Up Shower Jelly

Showers are just a thing that you do naturally, without thinking. Well, we have made a way to make them better - these shower jellies will make mornings more fun. The fresh scents are sure to wake you up and make you feel cleansed.
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Muscle bath bomb

How to Make Bath Bombs

Baths are a great way to relax and wind down at the end of a long day, we however have found a way to make them even better. These all natural bath bombs are great little extra's to add to your bath, they work great as a muscle relief as well as smelling fantastic too.
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spot stick in a lip balm tube placed on top of a book

Tea Tree Spot Stick

You don't need to splash the cash to get rid of those pesky spots. In this article we reveal how to create your own genius spot stick, using our simple recipe. 

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shave balm made from essential oils on a wooden board

Soothing Lavender Aftershave Balm

This sweet-woody balm is packed full of natural scents that will leave both your face and legs fully moisturised. The ingredients used will ensure your skin is no longer left dry and itchy after shaving.
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Range of Carrier oils

Skin Benefits of Carrier Oils

Dry and problematic skin can be a huge pain, so we highly recommend the use of carrier oils to deal with it. Carrier oils are rich in vitamins and minerals which makes them the best natural body and face moisturiser. We have a range of oils available, read this blog post to find out which one will suit you best.
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Lavender and orange lotion in a pot

Dreamy Lavender and Orange Lotion

Our body lotion is soothing and relaxing which makes it a great skincare essential to add to your night routine. The effects of the essential oils will reduce your anxieties before you sleep, allowing you to have a better rest and wake up with silky smooth skin.

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